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Here's a quick list of Classes that are planning a reunion
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To submit information about your upcoming class reunion, e-mail the specifics to Bulldog. Your reunion information will be added within the next several days. Thanks!

SCS Multi-year Reunion in 2022

An all year, all class, including faculty & staff, gathering took place on July 23, 2022 at the American Legion in Campbell, NY.

There was a great turnout -- more than 100 Bulldogs / Faculty / Staff and guests -- with the day focused on SCS history, traditions, and the opportunity to reconnect with classmates and friends. The Reunion Planning Committee did a fabulous job organizing this successful event!

2022 SCS Reunion T-Shirt

Here's the attendance list, by class... grouped by decade -- with faculty & staff first:

Faculty & Staff - Mary Ann Robinson (Faculty), Jane French (Staff), and Carla Nichols (Staff)

1950s (9 in attendance)

1951 - Roland French and Marcia Peters
1953 - "Billy" Wilhelmina Gran (Jones) and Kay Coombs (VanDerhoff)
1955 - David Thompson and Philip Smith
1957 - Liz Kane (Hallett)
1958 - Linda Rice (McGuire) [registered, but unable to attend] and Marjorie Chaffee (Thompson)

1960s (12 in attendance)

1964 - Susan Lebaron-Tonini (Benedict) and Phyllis Edwards (Smith)
1966 - Terry Stewart
1967 - Terri Vanvliete (Stuart)
1968 - Carl Peters
1969 - Skip Covert, Penny Peters (Whitmore), Lucille Hess (Stewart), Diana Ketchum (Allen), Mary Jo Powley (Fernandes), James Murphy, and Robert Mills

1970s (27 in attendance)

1971 - Marilyn Shugars (Benedict)
1973 - Joanne Irwin (Elliott), Robert Wilson, and Ron Robinson
1974 - Robert Kellaway, Cinda Wheat (Tremaine), Mary Finch, Irma Benedek, Deborah Fero (Drake), and Robert Covert
1975 - Betty Gerych (Palmer), Rex Morse, Barbara Covert, Karin Covert (Dolley), Fran Covert (Russell), Sandy Murphy (Russell), Deb Brandow (Van Skiver), Celin Wood (Peters), Michael Murphy, and Marge Starz (Wilson)
1976 - Dale Pettitt
1977 - Daniel Bulkley and Doug Van Skiver
1978 - Janice Dolley Pettitt and Dale Robie
1979 - Joy VanDerhoff (Kline) and Kathleen VanVorce (Dolley)

1980s (36 in attendance)

1980 - Mark Failing, Ellen Mills, Roger Palmer, David English, and David Sweet
1981 - Nancy Bedient (Wilson), Aaron VanDerhoff, Penny Dolley Schoonover, Jill Kline, Michelle Nichols (Tostanoski), and Dean Van Skiver
1982 - Roger and Debra DeCamp (Howell), Karen Smith (Mills), Cathy Butler (English), Connie Groves, Elizabeth Davidson (Miller), Kathy Brimmer, Tina Baldwin (Folts), James Johnson, and James Morgan
1983 - Pamela Failing (French), Christine Naylor, Alan Paul {CCS graduate}, Cathy Rook, Kathy Corcoran (Miller), Kathy Crooks (Travis), and Kevin Calkins
1984 - Gladys Palmer (Jones)
1985 - Lisa Wilson, Amy Harrington (Farnsworth), Shirley Davis (Travis), and Dennis Taft
1987 - Tricia Shugars
1988 - Stacey Naylor
1989 - William Walters and Dean Robie

1990s (2 in attendance)

1990 - Jorie Chaffee
1992 - Shannon Murphy {SCS 1992 grad?}

If you'd like to see some photos from this event, check out our facebook photo album.

As they did for the first one in 2018, the Planning Committee decided to conduct another online survey following this reunion.
They decided to capture, and share, what was learned along with some recommendations for the next planning committee.

Here's a link to the 2022 SCS Multi-year Reunion "Lessons Learned" and recommendations document!

Again, thank you to everyone that made the time to celebrate all things Savona Central School (SCS)!

SCS Multi-year Reunion in 2018

An all year, all class, including faculty & staff, gathering took place on July 21, 2018 at The Sticks Cabin in Savona.
Even with a little rain, there was a great turnout -- around 225 Bulldogs / Faculty / Staff and guests -- with the day focused on SCS history, traditions, and the opportunity to reconnect with classmates and friends. The Planning Committee -- consisting of Deb Decamp '82, Pam Failing '83, Lisa Wilson '85, Kirsta Hall '86, and Ann Morse '72 -- did a fabulous job organizing this unprecedented event!

Here's the attendance list, by class... grouped by decade -- with faculty & staff first:

Faculty & Staff - Donald Jones, Rebecca Feehan Peters, Howard & Jan Farnsworth, John Roy, Jane French, Robert Wilson, and Karen Wilson

1950s (20 in attendance)

1951 - Roland & Jane French and Marcia Peters Stratt
1953 - Kay Coombs Vanderhoff, Dr. Joseph Walike, and Wilhelmina 'Billy' Gran Jones
1954 - Henry 'Bud' Robie and Ed Ober
1955 - James Robie, Philip Smith, Rebecca Feehan Peters (also Faculty) [class rep.], and David Thompson
1957 - Sue Caward [class rep.], Tom Feehan, and Liz Kane Hallett [class rep.]
1958 - Betty Severance Loper, Judith Mcglynn Davidson, and Neil Bulkley
1959 - Harry Carr [class rep.], Jean Farrand Frederick, and Betty Lou Miller Nicholes

1960s (26 in attendance)

1960 - Bonnie Parker-Clark Vetter, John Roy (also Faculty) [class rep.], and David Thompson
1961 - Doris Ann Thompson Ferguson
1963 - Douglas Peters
1964 - Phyllis Edwards Smith, Kathryn Bedette Bulkley, Susan LeBaron-Tonini Benedict, Katherine Noles, and Maracita Moore Corbitt
1965 - Judy Hamilton Alderman and Carolyn O'Dell Peters
1966 - Beverly Winnie Murphy, Terry Stewart, Ronald Hall, and Rosalind Travis Wilson
1967 - Teri Vanvliete Stuart [class rep.], Everett Brown, Sandra Brown Peters, Jane McEwen Davidson, Jane Conklin Murphy, Diana King, Verion Towner
1968 - Kenneth Frederick
1969 - Lucy Hess Stewart and James Murphy

1970s (53 in attendance)

1970 - Sharon Clark Nichols and Carl Overhiser
1971 - Marilyn Shugars Benedict [class rep.], Teresa Garrity Schermerhorn, and Roy Elliott
1972 - Ann Morse Drake-Overhiser [class rep.] and Debbie Howell McCann
1973 - JoAnn Irwin Elliott, Shirley Groom, Swanie Dickinson Vetter, Trudy Robertson Schermerhorn, Patricia Alcorn Cooper, Glenda Hannan Hall, and Ronald Robertson
1974 - Jerry Cooper, Larry Comfort, Phil Nichols, Robert Covert, Cinda Wheat Tremaine, Irma Benedek, John Thomas, Susan Hopkins Bedner, Bob Kellaway [class rep.], and Marion Overhiser
1975 - Barbara Blank Covert, Hope Anne Long Barnes, Marjorie Wilson, Fran Covert Russell, Deborah Brandow Van Skiver, Betty Gerych Palmer [class rep.], and Carol Hampson French
1976 - James Prossick, Ken Vanderhoff, Sue Joint, Dale Pettitt, Theodore Morse, and James Tyler
1977 - Kristi Shepard Tyler, Janice Pettitt Dolley, Doug VanSkiver, and Debra Manzer Caward [class rep.]
1978 - Connie Groom, Keith Morse [class rep.], Shauna Pillage Johnson, Jill Haddock Louy, Karen Lyke [class rep.], Dale Robie, and Cheryl White
1979 - Deedra Dowling Inman, Debra Mack Welch, Kathleen Van Vorce Dolley, David VanSkiver Kane, Alan Morse, and Joe Higbie

1980s (41 in attendance)

1980 - David English [class rep.], Ellen Mills, David Sweet Vanderhoff, Tonya Johnson Schermerhorn, Pam Higbie Meyers, and Kelly Knights Herington
1981 - Penny Schoonover Dolley, Aaron Vanderhoff, Nancy Bedient Wilson, Jill Kline Vanderhoff [class rep.], and Dean VanSkiver
1982 (class with most in attendance!) - Debra DeCamp Howell [class rep.] & Roger DeCamp (honorary classmate), Lisa Robie, Karen Smith Mills, Kathy Brimmer Buckley, Elizabeth Davidson Miller, Tina Baldwin Folts, James Johnson, and Jeffrey Davis
1983 - Susan Beamont Davis, Pam Failing French [class rep.], Cheryl Crosby Cooper, Daniel Davis, Robin Taylor, and Christine Naylor
1984 - Paul Runyan, Gladys Palmer Jones [class rep.], Randall Brewer, and Mark Davis
1985 - Susan Nelson Lyke, Lisa Wilson [class rep.], and Amy Harrington Farnsworth
1986 - Elizabeth Bastian Barnes, Wendy Barker Keefer, and Kirsta Hall Peters [class rep.]
1987 - Christina Preston Dolley, Roxanne Goode Yawger, and Deborah Gage Travis
1988 - Stacey Cooper Naylor
1989 - James Clark

1990s (2 in attendance)

1990 - James Overhiser and Jeremy Morgan

If you'd like to see some photos from this event, check out our facebook photo album.

As this event was the first of its kind, the Planning Committee decided to conduct an online survey following this reunion.
They decided to capture, and share, what was learned along with some recommendations for the next planning committee.

Here's a link to the 2018 SCS Multi-year Reunion "Lessons Learned" and recommendations document!

Thank you to everyone that made the time to celebrate all things Savona Central School (SCS)!

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If you're having a reunion, let Bulldog! know in advance... this page can help get the word out.

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Reunion News:

  This from the Class of 1967...
The Class of 1967 held their 50th Reunion on July 14, 2017. The following details were posted by Everett Brown on facebook...
"Great time catching up with old friends. Thanks to everyone who made the trip from across NYS, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio."
Posted by:   Everett Brown   on July 24, 2017.

  From the Class of 1969...
"On Friday, July 17, 2009, our 40th reunion began with dinner at Club Valentine. It was a a great turnout including our special guests, Bob and Charlotte Sestak. We had 31 total in attendance: Diane Allen Ketchum; Kim and Carol Benedict; Debbie Cantineri; Sheila DuVall Hammond; MaryJo Fernandez Powley and her husband Mark; Bill and Kathy McManus; Dan and Mary Mills; Peggy Jo Shinners Smith and her companion, Bill Truffarelli; Linda Simpson Davola and her son Christopher; Lucille Stewart Hess and her companion John Southard; Ken and Cheryl Tatro; Doris Thompson Cochran; Dave and Mary Tyler; Vera Verity Dykes; Penny Whitmore Peters and her husband Carl; and Tom Yawgers wife Barb. We were also pleased to have Scott Woodard and his wife, Joann, join us. Scott was our classmate until 3rd grade. On Saturday, July 18, 2009, Doris hosted an afternoon picnic at her beautiful home overlooking Keuka Lake. About 20 of us showed to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon reminiscing and getting to know one another again. Peggy and Lucille had brought a bunch of old pictures, yearbooks, and Ink Spots. I say a quiet afternoon even though Doris was trying to get everyone loaded with wine and some special drink she concocted!"
Sent by: Bill McManus

  This from the Class of 1953...
"September 26-28th, the class of 1953 had a terrific 50th class reunion. We located our German exchange student, Gisela Bockholt, & she was here to help us celebrate. Those others that attended were: Joe Walike, Cecilia Hale, Shirley Mulligan, Beulah Morse, Beverly Buck, Polly Campbell, Bertha Pierson, Wilhemina Jones, Kay VanDerhoff.
Friday night, the 26th, we met at the Radisson Hotel in Corning for dinner. Saturday we toured the school, town, landmarks & the windmill. We also called on Betty Rae Danningburg as she had not been able to make the reunion due to an operation. Sunday we had a picnic, which was held at the Pinnacle. Great time was had by all that attended. Just sorry that the guys let Joe down & he had to be with all of us girls!!! ALONE.. It looked like he didn't mind it at all.
Hope to see everyone again on the 55th. GADS, are we getting OLD or what!!!"
Sent by: Kay VanDerhoff Coombs

  This from the Class of 1958...
"The Savona Central School Class of 1958 held it's 45th year reunion Sept. 26-28, 2003. Thirteen of the remaining 22 class members attended some or all of the events along with several spouses and siblings. Friday afternoon and evening the group met at the Bath Country Club for a social time and dinner. Saturday morning was breakfast at the Savona Diner for a few of the early birds then attendance at the Bath History Fair and a tour of the Glen Curtis Museum in Hammondsport. Dinner was at the Waterfront on Keuka Lake. Sunday breakfast was at the Bath Rod & Gun Club followed by a trip on the Keuka Maid. Tom McGlynn coordinated (delegated) events and the group had such a good time getting together it looks like it may become an annual event. We saw Karen Baroody at the Rod & Gun Club and exchanged some information with her."
Sent by: June & James Allen

  From the Class of 1983...
"The Class of 1983 had its 20-year reunion in Savona, at the Davis homestead, in June of 2003. The following attended: Marlene Marro, John Stewart with daughter Anika, Cheryl & Karl Pilgrim with daughter Morgan, John & Carrie Lyke with daughter Megan, Bernie Harrian, Mary & Glenn Francis with son Michael, Robin Taylor with Ray Elliott and son Cameron, Kathy & Sean Corcoran with daughter Hanna, Pam & Mark Failing with children (Kevin, Nicole, and Cici), Dan & Beth Davis with daughters (Jenna & Krista), Sue & Dean Beamont with children (Stephanie and Dean). It was a nice turn-out on a fabulously sunny day. A good time was had by all in attendance."
Sent by: Pam Failing

  This from the Class of 1947...
"The Class of 1947 marches on. Their 55th class reunion was held with great fanfare and expectations at the newly managed Club Valentine. The class assembled on Saturday, June 29th, 2002.
Seven graduates were in attendance: Bruce and George Walike, Bruce lives in South Carolina and George in Bath; Joan Higbie Straulka of Savona, Donald Peters from all around, Walter Faucett of Cooperstown, Pa.; Tefft Robie of the Robie Road. Along with myself, Al Mills from Clearwater, Florida.
Absent were: Carl Thompson, Spring Hill, Fl., Greta Spencer Polmanteer, Lakeland, Fl., Robert Frazer, Roxobel, N. C., Mary Sutryk, New Albany, Pa. and Lorraine LaBar Donovan, Horseheads.
Other attendees were Mrs. Helen Makitra Bilzor, Harwood, Md.. Marie Dolliver Towner, Savona, Larry Zarek of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. It was great to see Larry after 55 years. Also attending was Frank Bloom. He was known to us in the grades as Frank Chowski.
The conversation was delightful and the dinner lasted four hours. I think they had a good time."
Sent by: Al Mills

  Others... ????
If you have a reunion, please send us the details so others can enjoy reading about it.

Reunion Resources Section:

  Need help getting Organized & Prepared for the big event?

    - Check-out our Reunion Checklist. new!

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  Looking for an example Survey to send to your classmates?

    - Try this idea from Bulldog... Reunion Survey example. new!

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  Coming to your class reunion, and need Hotel Reservations?

    - Then visit the SCS Hotel Information Page. In some cases, you can make your reservations right online! We have links to the local hotels as well.

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  Want to have your reunion, or another function, at one of the C-S School Facilities?

    - Here's a link to the form that you will need (it's a PDF file, so you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer for this to work)... C-S Facility Request Form. If our link doesn't work, you can go to the following C-S School Website address at and try the source (instructions and fee information are listed on the C-S form).

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