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Savona Central School - on McCoy Street before moving to Lamoka (circa 1922, photo courtesy of Margarett and Sue Caward)

So you want to know more about SCS and Savona, NY?

  1883 -- The Village of Savona is incorporated

  1895 -- First graduate of the Savona Central School system... Floyd C. French

  1905 -- First class to have more than FIVE graduates

  1908 -- Bernice Gardner pens the first "S. H. S. Song," which later serves as the basis for our Alma Mater! And, this is the first class to be affected by war; Carl Peters lost his life in the service of his Country

  1931 -- The "new" school opens its doors (on Lamoka Avenue)...

SCS corner stone - on Lamoka Avenue (circa 2003, photo courtesy of Karen Baroody '74)

The "old" school, shown at the top of this page, was situated on McCoy Street near the present day locations of the Library and Fire Dept. buildings

  1932 -- First class to have more that TEN graduates

  1937 -- First class to have more that FIFTEEN graduates

  1941 -- Under Coach Ramberg, the boys' basketball team became Steuben County Champions for the first time.

  1946 -- First class to be affected by WWII; Robert Bartoo lost his life in the service of his Country

  1948 -- First expansion phase in the school's history begins. As attendance continued to grow, the "elementary wing" would later be used by grades 7 and 8.
For an image, go to the Photos page

  1953 -- Exchange students make their debut at SCS with Gisela Boekholt of the former West Germany

  1958 -- First class to have more that TWENTY graduates

  1960 -- First class to have more that TWENTY-FIVE graduates

  1964 -- First class to have more that THIRTY and THIRTY-FIVE graduates

  1966 -- First class affected by Vietnam; William Bernard Wilson lost his life in the service of his Country

  1969 -- Under Coach McManus, the boys' baseball team became NY State Section V Champions for the first time.

  1974 -- First class to have more that FORTY graduates

  1975 -- First class to have more that FORTY-FIVE graduates

  1978 -- Under Coach Stitt, the boys' soccer team became NY State Section V Champions for the first time.

  1985 -- Under Coach Kruk, the girls' volleyball team became NY State Section V Champions for the first time.

  1987 -- Largest class to graduate from SCS at FORTY-NINE!!

  1992 -- Last class to graduate from the SCS system, as Savona combined with the Campbell Central School system... becoming Campbell-Savona School

  1993 -- The old "SCS complex" becomes the Elementary School for the newly formed C-S School District

Note: The source for much of the information listed above is the Graduation Registry previously maintained by the former SCS District -- now part of the...

Campbell-Savona School District


The "Ink Spot" from 1942, thanks to "Rex and Kathy"

The 'Ink Spot' from 1942 -- the school newspaper... before we had 'Anovas,' our yearbook


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Aerial photo of SCS and surrounding community - Circa 2005; courtesy of Microsoft's Live Local service

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If you'd like a little sports history,
try this link to the SCS Sports Page

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Orchard Street, Savona, New York - Circa 1940

Check out other images and more information about Savona, NY at

Why Savona ?

Savona Station, Erie Railroad (Circa 1909)

While there's some debate regarding the origin of the town's name, here are some historical references to consider...

Given the provisional name of "Mud Creek," by authority of a French Gazetteer -- for a stream that runs through the area; Savona was later officially selected as the name for our community by an employee of the Erie Railroad, working to complete the Corning to Attica line. He was a native of Savona, Italy.

In the late 1840s, the village opened a school (see the photo at the top of this page) that would later be known as the Savona Central School (SCS).

The two side-by-side images immediately above were taken of the
"Savona Station (Erie Railroad, Corning to Attica Line)" around 1909.
It has been brought to our attention that there was actually another rail line that ran through the town of Savona. "The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W), which ran from New York City to Buffalo, was completed through Savona in 1882, providing direct competition with the Erie Railroad, opened in Savona in 1852." (Source: Village of Savona Historian)

The Village of Savona was incorporated in 1883 and is located in the eastern part of the Town of Bath, New York.

Sources include:,, and Wikipedia.

Still looking for more data on Savona, New York?
- Here's some information recently made available by the Village of Savona Historian about the origins of the town's school system new!
- Take a look at this page from the Village of Savona, NY new!
- Or try this link from Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia

The "other Savona"

Savona, Italy (Courtesy of Bulldog)

Savona, Italy is a rather large city (more than twice the size of Elmira, NY) on the Italian Riviera... Northern Mediterranean coastline. It has its origins as a fishing village -- dating back more than 2000 years, and today is a port city with ferries travelling to and from Corsica & Sardinia. The photo above was taken by Bulldog in 2002 of a side-street in the downtown area of Savona, Italy.

From Microsoft's Encarta 2000... "Savona, Italy. City and port, northwestern Italy, capital of Savona Province, in Liguria Region, on the Gulf of Genoa. The city is an industrial center, with factories producing iron and steel, machinery, chemicals, pottery, electrical equipment, processed food, and glass. Savona has a Renaissance cathedral, completed in the early 17th century. A Roman town, Savona was destroyed by the Lombards in the 7th century. It was a thriving port in the Middle Ages and was annexed by Genoa in 1528.
Population 69,800 (1990 estimate)."

This image is the official crest of Savona, Italy

Crest of Savona, Italy

If your Italian is pretty good, check-out this site...

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